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We at General Supplies Limited represent over 40 years of experience and quality from Italy. Dab has been the main player in the sector for the movement and management of our most precious resource, water.

Every tradesman needs quality tools. I t not only makes your life and work easier but you become more efficient and very hard to replace in your industry. What you could do in one day you can now do it with good quality tools in 4hours and that tool does it for 10years.

You have the best electrical products in your building because of us. We at general supplies go all out 100% because we want you to have the best products available at your convenience. We want make sure everyone gest the absolute best quality.

We at General Supplies Limited is representatives for the best quality pipes in the Caribbean for over 25 years. “The pipe with the red stripe”.

These days, saving energy is a top priority for many people. On top of that, environmentalism and green technology are helping ensure that we take care of this planet for future generations. As such, it’s crucial that we take every opportunity to utilize energy efficient products. Every step we take will add up to a brighter and more sustainable future. Even the smallest change can have an enormous long-term impact.

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General Supplies Limited, is a family-owned electrical wholesale network that was established on 1989. Our network has almost twice as many distribution outlets as our nearest competitor, which allows us to service our customers wherever they may be. We are dedicated to providing quality customer service and technical support, to ensure our customers obtain the best service in the industry.  Read more